Recovery Roast Coffee

Small Batch, Custom Roasted Coffee, created by VCU's Rams in Recovery & 
 Lamplighter Roasting Company

Recovery Roast

Recovery Roast Coffee is a custom roasted coffee whose flavor profile is determined by local populations of men and women in long term recovery.  Working with site-specific, local artisan coffee roasters, Free Hot Coffee introduces local recovery communities to the rich history of coffee and the complexities of roasting, tasting and preparation options.  

Free Hot Coffee

The Free Hot Coffee Bike radiates out into the community with our pop-up pour over coffee station where the general public can engage with with people in long term recovery and their allies, and learn about the project, over free hot cups of “Recovery Roast” coffee.   


Fifty/Fifty is a traveling series of interdisciplinary, social practice art projects by artist John D, Freyer,  including Free Ice Water, Free Hot Coffee and Free Hot Supper. Fifty/Fifty creates and contributes to dialogue on addiction and recovery, through local, regional and national events.  Inspired in part by Thoreau’s three chairs, the trio of projects start from the space of self- and shared reflection (Free Ice Water), then migrate to active outreach and conversation (Free Hot Coffee), and culminates an opportunity for a larger dialogue with diverse and often unexpected audiences (Free Hot Supper).  Part conceptually based performance art, and part turn-of-the-century medicine show, Fifty/Fifty engages multiple audiences including galleries and museums, research universities, and addiction and recovery communities.

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